I owe a huge thanks to Dr Sudath for my healing! After a very long battle with a series of strange illnesses and symptoms, my doctors were puzzled and could not help me in finding the source of my problem. I had acupuncture treatment at Sethara's and have been delighted with the results. I only had it few weeks and Im noticing the difference already. Its a life changing experience.



As my very first experience with Acupuncutre, I was a bit skeptical that it could actually help me. I chose to try Acupuncture as a last resort and I was so happy I did. I love peaceful setting, it helps with my stress relief or whateverr it is that might be ailing me that day. I think Acupuncture has now become a way of life for me and would rather try this method of healing for anything that pops up in my life. It is natural after all!



Dr.Sudath does outstanding acupuncture treatments. He had helped me with various ailments that did not respond to other treatments. He had also helped me when I was extremely fatigued and needed to be re-energized. When you choose Dr.Sudath, you will be surprised at how effective his treatments are. His treatments are both balanced and relaxing. Dr.Sudath’s work is in a class by itself and is the best I have ever had.


Software Engineer

Acupuncture has been the only thing that gave me a long term relief from the multiple ailments I had. In just a few sessions he was able to accomplish what would take weeks of physical therapy and medication. I highly recommend that anyone with severe ailments or pains give him a call. You won’t be disappointed.


Owner of a Car Garage car, Kuala Lumpur (Vision failure, Uric acid, Sinusitis and Arthritis).

I began seeing Dr.Sudath for chronic diabetes. Dr.Sudath treats the whole person, not just a list of physical symptoms and that makes all the difference. Dr.Sudath asks questions before each session so that he can maximize the benefits of the treatment with the fewest needles possible. I have also found that my ability to handle stress has improved and my cataract has got better. I owe a big thanks to Dr.Sudath.

Mrs. Kanthi and Mr. Ruwana

Diabetes and Cataract from Srilanka

I started going to Dr.Sudath for some physical ailments that I wanted to solve holistically. He was able to help me manage those and when he started offering the acupuncture facelift, I made an appointment right away. He did the initial set of treatments and I noticed a significant improvement in my skin. The elasticity of my skin seemed better and the lines on my forehead and around my mouth decreased. I now continue to see Dr.Sudath for touch up treatments. I am very happy with the results I get from his treatments.


Celebrity - Tv Artist ( Chronic uric acid, Bulging stomach and also cosmetic treatment).

The healing starts when Dr.Sudath enters the room. He is totally focused on his patient and carefully listens to their history. He poses thoughtful questions to clarify all facets of the medical problem. I was a bit sceptical about acupuncture and its effects but having tried it I turned trustful and I vouch for it. Dr.Sudath has been a blessing to me.


Government employee, London (Chronic gastritis and fatty liver condition)

Both my wife and I have been using Dr.Sudath’s services for a couple of years. Living with the pain became too much to ignore, we then sought treatment from Dr. Sudath at Sethara. His treatments provided relief and enabled us to move much more freely. In addition to the effectiveness of his treatments, we appreciate his caring touch, holistic knowledge and his ability to listen. His work has greatly improved the quality of our lives and cured us completely.

Mr and Mrs Chow

(Mr.Chow Chronic Diabetes patient with leg wound & Mrs. Chow Water in the lungs)

My aching pain in my knee, which prevented me from walking, prompted me to seek medical care. After I tried many modern medications with no relief, I decided at last to try acupuncture. After just six sessions, I can hardly believe the improvement. I can now walk and play my favourite sport. Thank you, Dr. Sudath!


Badminton player for Selangor (knee pain, Cornea trouble and high Cholesterol)


Acupuncture is no different than any other form of medical treatment. Upon the patient's first visit, the practitioner will record basic biographical information about the patient, and will then proceed with the diagnostic framework of examination. These include: observation, feeling the pulse, listening and questioning. Once the diagnosis is complete, the practitioner will discuss the treatment with the patient, and the patient will have an opportunity to ask if they have any questions.


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