The World Health Organization (WHO) Interregional Seminar drew up the following provisional list of diseases that lend themselves to acupuncture treatment effectively.

Medical Tourism

We at Sethara Acupoint Treatment Centre, aim to promote the importance of alternative medicine to the western world. We have all the latest facilities under one roof be it in Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Infra red therapy or in Low level laser therapy. And the best part is that the treatment is available at a fraction of the price of the west.

Medical tourism is often as much as about the tourism as the medicine. For those undergoing treatment, there is no better place to recover than a bungalow with a view of the horizon while receiving treatment. Similarly, for family accompanying a patient, a week at the beach or a shopping spree can clear up a lot of stress.

The growing interest in the west about Acupuncture in coping with pain and mitigating symptoms of various types of pains (like back, neck, joint, dental, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis etc.) have made them seek alternative medicine as a cure.

The rising health care costs in the west are pushing people to seek medical treatments elsewhere, while medical facilities in developing countries have not only caught up to western standards but also in many ways exceeded them.

Cost savings is one of the predominant factors that made medical tourism a lucrative option for patients from countries with expensive medical care. Patients are able to travel, undergo medical treatment and pay accommodation expenses at a lesser price than in their home countries, while receiving quality treatment.

Medical tourism gives patients access to instant treatment with short to zero waiting time period. Medical tourism serves as a timely and effective solution to patients of chronic illnesses.

Malaysia enjoys a unique geographical location and it is very well connected to international countries. The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, located approximately 50 kilometres south of KL, is the best-connected airport to all the well-known international aviation companies. Both Budget and full fledged airlines fly to and fro from this airport to all parts of the world.

We have tied up with tourism agencies to offer guided tours to the patients. Patients receive utmost attention and care at these facilities, helping them recover in a relaxed atmosphere.


1. Electro-Acupuncture - Tiny needles pricked at the acupuncture points are stimulated by an Electro- stimulator. Separate set of needles used for each patient to avoid AIDS or hepatitis B. Being drugless, no reaction or adverse effects. Useful for many so called incurable disorders especially Paralysis, Diabetes mellitus, Asthma, Cervical / Lumbar Spondylosis, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Arthris, Knee pain, Frozen shoulder, Migraine, Brain/Heart/Kidney disorders, Addictions, Deafness, Eye disorders, Skin diseases, abdominal disorders, impotence, azoospermia, menstrual disorders, Obesity, Acne Vulgaris / Rosacea, Wrinkles etc

2. Moxibustion - Dry leaves of moxa (Artemisia vulgaris) are used to heat & stimulate the points - very effective in disorders which are caused or aggravated by cold eg. asthma, rhinitis, arthritis, diarrhoea, ankylosing spondylosis, lumbago, backache etc.

3. Low level Laser Therapy - This is the best type of stimulating LASER which acts like tonic for the cells instead of needles. LASER rays are used to stimulate Acupuncture points. Extremely useful for non- healing ulcers like diabetic ulcer, varicose ulcer, bed sore etc. , optic atrophy, cardiac disorders, musculo-skeletal disorders, acne and other cosmetic problems etc. No pain/bleeding /fainting so easily accepted by children, elderly patients.

4. Infra Red Light Therapy - Nitric oxide is the key to the dramatic improvements that infrared light therapy provides. This short-lived gas is crucial to the health of your arteries. Infrared energy prompts the release of nitric oxide, which enhances blood flow in the immediate vicinity. This boost in blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to injured, aching tissues, resulting in fast healing. It also reduces pain and inflammation.


Acupuncture is no different than any other form of medical treatment. Upon the patient's first visit, the practitioner will record basic biographical information about the patient, and will then proceed with the diagnostic framework of examination. These include: observation, feeling the pulse, listening and questioning. Once the diagnosis is complete, the practitioner will discuss the treatment with the patient, and the patient will have an opportunity to ask if they have any questions.


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